Vortex Crossfire® II Review

The Vortex Crossfire ® II riflescope was designed primarily for hunters but also for sport shooters . The goal for Vortex was to offer an entry-level rifle scope to compete with Bushnell’s Trophy and more recent Engage models .

The Vortex Crossfire II is a simple and rustic rifle scope, it has the essentials (impact resistance and large caliber, reliability of the turrets and the zoom ring) without superfluous features.

It exists in several zoom and lens diameter formats, sport shooters will turn to models with diameters between 40mm and 44mm. Hunters will prefer models with a diameter between 40mm and 56mm as well as the model with illuminated reticle .

Crossfire II models with a zoom range greater than x10 models are equipped with an adjustable lens . The adjustable lens is used to adjust parallax in the same way as a dedicated parallax turret. The difference between the adjustable lens and the parallax turret is that the former is less expensive to manufacture and therefore enables riflescopes to be offered at a very low cost without sacrificing the parallax adjustment function. As a reminder, the parallax adjustment is not necessary when the zoom range does not exceed x10, on these riflescopes the parallax is fixed and set to 100m.

At the bottom of the page you will find a list of all Vortex Crossfire II models.

Vortex Crossfire II – The Advantages :

√ Lifetime guarantee, VIP worldwide warranty: this guarantee applies worldwide and without presentation of a purchase invoice
√ Magnum-proof
√ Shock-resistant
√ Zero-setting mechanism
√ Good twilight index for 50mm lens models
√ Straightforward turret clicks, smooth, backlash-free zoom ring √ Illuminated reticle for V-Brite reticle models

Vortex Crossfire II – The Disadvantages :

× Internal turrets inconvenient for sport shooting

Our opinion on the Vortex Crossfire II rifle scope

Our opinion on this rifle scope is very good.
The Vortex Crossfire II will be aimed especially at hunters who do not wish to spend a fortune on a hunting scope but who are nevertheless looking for reliable and solid equipment. Models with 50mm and 56mm lens diameters will provide enough light for both approach and stalking hunting.

It will also be an excellent choice for novice sport shooters who wish to acquire a first scope on a low budget. This model is particularly popular with American sport shooters who often buy several models of Crossfire to mount them on their various ARs such as the AR-10. The strength and low cost of this scope allow handling and transport without having to pay excessive attention to its equipment as with some more fragile riflescopes. This is a point often overlooked when buying a rifle scope, a bad shock can be enough to render the scope unusable.
This is why it is particularly suitable for beginners who do not necessarily yet have the good habits and good gestures to preserve their equipment.

In addition, the lifetime warranty offered by Vortex simply proves to us how it is a quality rifle scope. The principle of the guarantee represents a significant cost for manufacturers and they only offer lifetime guarantees if they are confident of the quality of their products.

This VIP Vortex warranty applies to all vortex customers regardless of their country and does not require presentation of a purchase invoice to vortex resellers . In the very unlikely event that your riflescope becomes defective, all you have to do is contact Vortex France after-sales service or turn to the merchant who sold you the telescope, with the responsibility of contacting Vortex France.

We are a bit disappointed, however, that Vortex has chosen to use the Dead Hold BDC reticle on some models rather than retaining a traditional MOA cue reticle. This is a “hunting” reticle, the marks of the hunting reticles are created from ballistic averages. It is therefore first necessary to identify its caliber in the caliber classes of the telescope manual (A, B, C etc.) and then to see which distances apply to the marks of the reticle. However, these marks are far from being suitable for all rifles even if they are identified in the correct “class” according to the manufacturer, more details in our article “ how to choose your rifle scope ” at the bottom of the page.

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