The Western Saddle

Since a cowboy often was in his saddle most of the day, and used it as a pillow when on the trail, it is pretty safe to say that it was his most important piece of equipment. A cowpuncher seldom owned a horse--he was supplied them by the outfit he worked for--but his saddle was one of his most prized (and expensive) possessions. The joke went: "There's the cowhand on his $10 horse with the $40 saddle." The saddle on this page was made by Jeff Morrow of Shooting Star Saddlery of Niarada, Montana, who kindly supplied this picture for me to use. Check out his site to see more of his outstanding work.

If you would like to know the names of the major parts of a western saddle,
click on this picture. (Be prepared for a quiz in your e-mail later!)

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