Old West Reenactment in Norco

Old West Living History Foundation
April 1999 Competition in Norco, CA

When I told Dusty Webb, the founder and national director of the
Old West Living History Foundation , that my reenactor pard "Sourdough" and I planned to attend the annual SASS event End of Trail, he asked us if we would be interested in assisting with the OWLHF judging--I said that we would be honored to help. Along with the other judges we watched six reenactor groups' skits--the photos on this page show a few of the highlights. It is important to note that a firearms safety demonstration always was held at the beginning of each day of competition. A key statement: treat all firearms as if they are loaded--and children should never touch a gun that they find--they should always immediately inform an adult about what they have found.

Dusty Rogers (Roy Rogers Jr.) was among the special guests who visited on Sunday. I also took some other interesting photos--including one of a feller who does a great Gabby Hayes impersonation. (See link below for my 3D coverage of this event.)

'99 OWLHF Norco Comp in 3D

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