Great Train Robberies Weekend at Roaring Camp

Great Train Robberies Weekend At Roaring Camp

Train Robber groups have their images struck.

On the morning of March 25, 1882 (?) I arrived around nine and met up with High Card Johnny and the resident portrait artist, Ms. Debra. Soon after I saw fellow Shadows of the Past members Scarvy McCargo, Ruthless Granny, Sourdough and his son Pat, Pappy, Wyatt Bill, and Jane with little Wyatt's cousin in tow. "Two Horse" and Michelle of Gunfighters of the Old West also quickly joined us.

Thanks to the beautiful weather and the special occasion, we were honored by the presence of several Victorian era men and women in all their glorious raiments.

We all welcomed Spirits of the Old West out of Manteca and Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire from the Gold Country. Bandit Bob and Calaveras Curly Bob were the leaders of these respective groups. After a brief meeting during which gun safety was the main topic, the Shadows of the Past members (except for yours truly) headed up the hill in order to entertain the 11:00 train, where they were met by Double Barrel Dick, the Widdah, Conchos, Anne, and her son Nate. I stayed down near the station and visited with High Card and watched the guest groups perform a shootout for the assembled multitude waiting for the train. The gunfighters then hopped aboard and rode the train to see what all the excitement was about. While at least one of their number joined in with the TRs, most of them headed down again and performed once more before departing for home.

Spirits of the Old West Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire

Meanwhile, as I was finding it a might too quiet near the station, I went up the hill with Scarvy and Pappy, who had come down to meet the folks at the station. Since I was wearing a badge, I joined in the side of the law for a change. Between TRs , we heard some stories--including Pappy's account of his carny days.

As Sunday also was a beautiful day, the trains again were quite populated. The Shadows contingent was ably helped by Brad and Clifford as well as Mona Lott of the GOW. During one TR I had the "novel" idea of playing good then bad then good and finally bad again--only to have my career of crime cut short by Scarvy's dead aim. Also fun was our getting involved in the wedding photos of a couple who were married in the grove after the first TR.

Although we all missed the larger-than-life presence of Black Bart the Legend, one of the founders and the long time leader of Shadows of the Past--he now has a business at Columbia State Park--this Great Train Robberies Weekend was an especially memorable one.

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