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American Civil War Reenactor Images: A Photographic Gallery

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Since 1994 I have been striving to capture reenactor images that help us to appreciate what the people of the Civil War era experienced.

A few years earlier I had observed a group of Civil War reenactors practicing its marching skills at the local historical museum in San Jose, Ca. I decided that I would like to photograph Civil War reenactments in a documentary manner. Thus, when the opportunity arose I began photographing the ACWA Civil War reenactments soon after the group formed. It now has its largest event during Memorial Day weekend at Roaring Camp in Felton.

The National Civil War Association, which has been going strong for more than twenty years, grew too large for Roaring Camp some time ago, and therefore uses locations with larger areas for its battles and period camps. Every October the NCWA holds the West Coast's largest Civil War reenactment at Kearney Park in Fresno, CA. As I desired to broaden the scope of my Civil War reenactment photographs, I began taking pictures of its events as well.

As I am very much interested in history as well, I have included a group of outstanding examples of original Civil War photography and other materials that can be helpful--especially to students. Also, please look over the links page for other informative sites.

Thanks for visiting the gallery! --Ted

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NCWA Kearney Park Event (Fresno) 2000

ACWA Memorial Day Event (Felton) 2001 2000 1999

NCWA Memorial Day Event (Fremont) 2001 2000

General Robert E. Lee Surrenders his Army

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Civil War Era Fort in San Francisco, Ca.: Fort Point

Civil War Reenactor Pictures with a Period Look

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RealMedia Movie of NCWA 2001 Memorial Day Event

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Photographs etc. from The War Between the States

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